Collared Brown Lemur

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Thursday 22nd September


Collared brown lemurs are medium-sized primates and one of twelve species of the Brown lemur. Males and females in this species look different. Males are brownish-gray on top being paler gray underneath. Their muzzle, face and crown are dark gray to black; the eyebrow patches are creamy to gray-colored and vary between individuals. Cheeks are creamy to rufous-brown and beard is thick and bushy. The tails are dark gray with a dark stripe along the spine. Females are browner and more rufous than the males on top being pale creamy-gray underneath. Tails have same color as the dorsal coat. Their face is gray, with faint gray stripe extending over crown. Cheeks are rufous-brown, but less prominent than in males. Both males and females have orange-red eyes color. [Credit: Animalia]