Have one of our Dino-Rangers visit your school or group for a fun, educational and interactive workshop on fossils.

All our outreach visits can be tailored to your topics and requests. We have worked tirelessly putting together a program that hits all the key points in the National Curriculum whilst keeping children engaged. The standard 1 hour long outreach program includes:

Introductory talk about fossils, dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures – if AV equipment is available we can include some educational videos made for us by Walking With Dinosaur’s Nigel Marven – During this talk we will cover the fossilisation process and the difference between body and trace fossils whilst also showing some of our own fossils.

Tactile session where children can physically hold some of our fossils and touch others whilst being told about them and invited to ask questions.

Sorting session where children are encouraged to sort each fossil into trays indicating whether they are ‘trace’ or ‘body’ fossils.

Fossil rubbings – children are all given replica fossils and paper to make pencil rubbings. They are then taught how to identify each one.

Short show and tell of specific geodes and minerals with an explanation of how they form.

A short quiz on what the children have learned during the session.

We finish with a short Meet the Dinosaur session with one of our baby Dinosaurs

To find out more please download our Hoo Zoo Schools Outreach Information