The perfect experience for any Dino Lover – get up close to Britains most realistic Dinosaurs!

Tyrannosaurus Rex

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Suitable for Children aged 15 and below. Adults who are not accompanying a child will not be allowed to take part.

During the Jurassic Experience you’ll need to help our Dino Ranger check on all our dinosaurs ensuring that they’re staying to the correct time period and aren’t getting sick.

Take a guided tour around Hoo-Rassic World and help make sure that the herbivores are well fed and even have your photo by our ‘Hoo-Rassic World’ car. Be sure to have a photo with the ‘King of the Tyrants’ the Tyrannosaurus Rex whilst you’re there.

After that, head down to our Dino Cabin and learn all about everything dinosaurs whilst handling real fossils and meeting one of our Baby Dinos. Finally you’ll get to meet our juvenile T-Rex ‘Sue’ and hand feed her.

After all this excitement you’ll be able to spend the rest of your day at Hoo Zoo.

Please be aware that as our dinosaurs welfare is of utmost importance and we are privileged to be able to get so close to these species – we will not force our dinosaurs to do anything against their nature and all interaction is done on their terms.