In seeking to participate in an activity conducted by Hoo Farm
Animal Encounters

I do hereby acknowledge:

Please be aware that we continue to run experiences out of season, therefore if you wish to include a visit to Hoo Farm, please check to avoid disappointment.

In seeking to participate in an activity conducted by Hoo Farm Animal Encounters I do hereby acknowledge:

1. That my general health is good and there is nothing that renders me unable to participate in this activity. If applicable I have informed Hoo Farm Animal Encounters – in advance of my experience – of any preexisting conditions such as (but not limited to) epilepsy, blindness, deafness, immunodeficiency or neurological issues. All experiences (excluding the Meerkat Experience and Badger Watching) are unsuitable for wheelchair users.

2. That, although Hoo Farm Animal Encounters will have made every effort to ensure my safety during the activity, animals are unpredictable and can cause injury or, in extreme circumstances, death.

3. Members of staff will be present during the whole experience and will be giving safety instructions. At all times I will endeavour to follow these instructions for the safety of myself and others in my group. I will not engage in any activities whilst under in the influence of alcohol or any prohibited substances.

4. Hoo Farm reserves the right to remove or exchange any animal from the experience without notice.

5. All participants are over the minimum age for that experience (minimum ages can be seen in the experience description) and all children under 16 will need to be accompanied by a paying adult throughout.

6. Clothing instructions:

All participants must wear suitable outdoor clothing; long trousers and closed shoes are a necessity. Long sleeves are also advised. Jewellery is not advised and Hoo Farm Animal Encounters/Hoo Farm Animal Kingdom cannot take any responsibility for damage to clothing/jewellery during an experience. Failure to follow these clothing instructions will result in your experience being terminated and no refund given.

For any experience involving cat species (Servals etc) We ask that all participants refrain from wearing sunglasses or hats whilst in the enclosure. All participants on these experiences are asked to wear neutral colours (brown, green, black) blue jeans are also acceptable.

Each participant may take a small handbag with them; you will be asked to leave these in the door systems of each enclosure.

Photography and filming is allowed and encouraged at all times, however we do ask that all camera straps are tucked away or hung around necks as some of the cats do like to pull at them.

Neither Hoo Farm Animal Encounters or Hoo Farm Animal Kingdom can be held responsible for damage to cameras, bags or their contents during the experience.

7. Cancellations:

Any cancellations made less than 72 hours before your experience is due to take place will be subject to a £25 rebooking fee regardless of the circumstances. No-shows will result in your experience being taken and no refund given.

8. Visiting the Farm

Experiences sometimes take place outside of our usual opening times, please check our opening times if you wish to visit the rest of the farm.

9. COVID-19 Additions

Most experiences will take place outside. Participants will be asked to wear latex gloves and a disposable apron throughout. Masks may be worn on some experiences.


Failure to follow the above terms will result in the experience being terminated and no refund given.