Taking place at 8.45am, the Wild Wolf Breakfast is an amazing opportunity to help our keepers feed our Wolves and Foxes.

Arctic Wolf

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Eurasian Wolf Hybrid

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Arctic Fox

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Red Fox

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During the Wild Wolf Breakfast you’ll be able to help our keepers tong feed our Wolves from the safety of the keeper area.

You will be given the opportunity to prepare the food (meat – not for the squeamish), enrichment and tong feed our Wolves at Hoo Zoo. During this amazing experience the keeper will remain with you throughout informing you about the animals and ensuring you’re always safe. The Wolf feeding will take place from the keeper area just outside of the Wolf paddock.

You will then be taken to meet the Wolves near cousins – our Red OR Arctic Foxes – where you’ll be invited into the enclosure to hand feed.

Afterwards you’re welcome to stay and explore the rest of the zoo at your leisure.

By the keepers discretion we may choose to forgo the food preparation part of the experience in order to allow more time with the animals. This will happen in the event that the keeper decides that the Wolves or Foxes are being more interactive on that day.

Please be aware that as our animals welfare is of utmost importance and we are privileged to be able to get so close to these species – we will not force our animals to do anything against their nature and all interaction is done on their terms.